A Place Where “Faith & Goodwill Meet” To Serve Our Community!

1. Coordinate a Service Project: Work with local ministries and nonprofits to create at least 1 effective local project that will bless the community, assign leaders to lead the project(s) and recruit volunteers.
2. Promote the Event in Your Church: Encourage your congregation to sign up online to serve and to invite friends to attend the evening event.
3. Prayer & Follow Up: Enlist a team from your church to assist with the follow up of new believers at the evening event and afterwards.
4. Financial: The majority of expenses for this event will go towards venue rental, stage production, marketing and travel expenses for the featured artist. We are asking that participating churches contribute, as they are able using the suggested Donation Scale. Local businesses will also be a solicited for sponsorships and donations for the material for some service projects.

Your donation allows us to initiate lasting change in communities through volunteer service projects and dynamic live events!

Make Checks Payable to
I Heart Treasure Valley
PO Box 4906
Boise, ID 83713